TOP 10 Best File Sets For Hobbyists And Professionals

This article is very useful for people to choose the right file sets. Many types is very popular in web shops.

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Files are regularly used in the manufacturing industry to produce a smooth finish on parts or precisely grind them to the desired size. Files are used in auto-repair shops as well and, therefore, are an essential tool for engineers/technicians. Just like our previous lists where we ranked various hardware items (from drills to tool sets), in this article we will analyze the best file sets that you purchase online or at your local hardware store.

10. Craftsman 5pc Handle File Set 9-36544(34.49$)

10 Best File sets (6)

Craftsman is one of the leading suppliers of hardware equipment, and this file set justifies its place among the elite. All the files have an ergonomic shape which makes them easy to grip while the manufacturer also offers one year warranty on all its products.

9. GearWrench 82821 Mini File Set(39.08$)

10 Best File sets (2)

This set includes 4″ Mini Files in an Assortment of Shapes. Made from durable hardened steel, the files are long lasting and are great for auto repair work.

8. Stanley 22-319 Set(11.99$)

10 Best File sets (7)

How can you have a list of hardware tools without a Stanley product?. The file set has three tools that include 6″ Slim Taper File, 6″ Round Fil & a 6″ Mill Bastard File. One of the most durable products on our list but you would expect that due to the “Stanley” label.

7. Nicholson 5 Piece Hand File Set(32.18$)

10 Best File sets (9)

Five file set includes 10-Inch /250mm half-round bastard file,10-Inch /250mm mill bastard file,8-Inch /200mm mill bastard file, 8-Inch /200mm mill smooth file & a 6-Inch /150mm slim taper file. A versatile set that has a variety of applications.

6. 12 Piece Precision Needle File Set(8.87$)

10 Best File sets (4)

The best value for money purchase on our list. The 12 piece tool set includes 6-1/4″ files with nylon rubber covered handles that are very comfortable to use.

5. Woodstock D3112 File Set(20.18$)

10 Best File sets (3)

12-1/4″ files are ideal for woodwork. The product includes Round Rasp File, Square Rasp File, Half-round Rasp File, Triangular Rasp File, Flat Rasp File and Tapered Flat Rasp File allowing you to produce the best finish on your work.

4. Protain 6pc Carbon Steel Needle File Set Soft Grip(9.89$)

10 Best File sets (1)

Protain product comes with lifetime warranty. The set includes six files that are half-round, round, flat, square, flat taper & triangular. The files have a soft PVC grip that makes it comfortable for you to work for longer durations.

3. TEKTON 66631(16.19$)

10 Best File sets (5)

Tekton set includes 5, eight-inch files. These files are excellent for use on metals and thanks to oversized carefully contoured rubber handles, you won’t feel uncomfortable.

2. JawayTool 6pc Diamond Needle File Set(11.04$)

10 Best File sets (8)

Heat treated high carbon steel files can be used on stone, wood and as well as marble. Six files come with their own rugged yet compact case making them easier to carry around.

1. TEKTON 6655(6.57$)

10 Best File sets (10)

One of the most popular sets with more than 270 reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating. Ten piece set have files 5-1/2 inches long, all with non-slip rubber grips. This set can have a variety of use from wood & marble to even 3D printed parts.

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