How to sharpen chain saw with a chainsaw file

How to sharpen chain saw with a chainsaw file Two great reasons to sharpen the chain. – low power consumption & high efficiency.   The current logging work, from axe to chainsaw, has improved by more than one magnitude. There are some more saw monsters with mechanical arms, cutting trees just like cutting melons and vegetables, refreshing our old minds of in seconds.   Our life is already hard enough, but the working problems [...]

Sharky Tools In The Exhibition (updating)

Sharky Tools has business partners in more than 40 countries around the world, such as Germany, U.S.A., Japan, Russia, Swiss, Brasil, India, U.A.E., etc. In order to better communicate with our customers, strengthen business relations and promote our new products, we will attend different exhibitions around the world every year. 2018 in Cologne Fair, Germany 2018 in Cologne Fair, Germany 2018 in Cologne Fair, Germany 2016 in Cologne [...]

Factory tour to Sharky

Factory tour to Sharky annealing for the file material 1 2. annealing for the file material 2 3. caibide rotary files raw material 1 4. caibide rotary files raw material 2 5. carbide rotary files 5 axies CNC machine 1 6. carbide rotary files 5 axies CNC machine 2 7. feather edge file semi product for Japan customer 8. file teeth cutting machine 1 9. file cutting machine 2 10. file cutting machine 3 11. file cutting machine 4 12. file raw [...]

GB, DIN, ISO,files and tools standard

  Sharky Tools collect a full documents for China standard for files. You can click the link to see online or download. engineer’s files QBT 2569. 1 2002  files engineer files 2.Die sinkers’ riffler regular files QB2569-4 2002 Files一 Die sinkers’ riffler regular files 3.files – needle files QB2569-3 2002 files – needle files 4.Sharky  enginner’s file dimension and packing detail HEBEI SHARKY engineer’s FILES dimension and packing [...]

TOP 10 Best File Sets For Hobbyists And Professionals

This article is very useful for people to choose the right file sets. Many types is very popular in web shops. It is writen by Asim Qureshi.– Recommended by Sharky tools. Files are regularly used in the manufacturing industry to produce a smooth finish on parts or precisely grind them to the desired size. Files are used in auto-repair shops as well [...]

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