About Us

About Us

HEBEI SHARKY FILES AND TOOLS FACTORY  is specialized in the production of files and rasps & carbide tools & diamond tools.


From the year of 1970,our first generation of leaders started SHARKY STEEL FILES FACTORY, and used abandoned farm tools at that time to heat, forge and shape the material tobe triangle shape, then hand-made file teeth, after heat treatment, sold to the surrounding woodworkers, used for sharpening the woodworking saw blades.

With the development of the times, we are constantly introducing new equipment, new technology and expanding our production line. In the middle of 1990s, SHARKY FILES FACTORY have produce almost full series of files, including engineer’s files, saw files, needle files, milled tooth files, wood rasps, etc.

In 1999, SHARKY successfully exported our files to Russia. Then we began to exported to Japan, Germany, Canada, U.S.,India, Portugal, and other 50 countries around the world.

Till now, Sharky Tools have files, wood rasp and tools, rotary carbide files, diamond files and tools etc. And we have helped many big and small brands to built their own files and tools line.

Sharky tools means sharp, reliable, and with long lasting performance. This is just what the most users need. Sharky is committed to share success and exceeding customers’ expectations.

How To Visit Us?

We are located in Nanhe county, 40 minutes car drive to Xingtai high speed train station, which is 30 minutes to the Shijiazhuang Airport,and 100 minutes to Beijing by train.

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We will welcome friends from all over the world come to visit us.

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