6″ Flat Chain Saw Files

For adjusting the depth gauge in the saw chain cutter. Also can help you to maintain the saw bar, sharpen the brush cutter blades, or other cutting tools such as machetes, axes, mower blades, etc.

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6″ Flat Chain Saw Files

1. Useage: 6″ flat chain saw file lowers the saw chain depth gauges or rakers. Filling down these rakers ensures the cutting teeth plunge to the optimum depth for the ideal wood chip size.

For filing of depth gauges on saw chains and sharpening brush cutter blades

2. Size: blade length:150mm(6inches). Parallel flat file with round uncut edges, single cut teeth for well finish.

3. Packing: Sharky Flat Chain Saw Files can be ordered by different kind of handles and packing.



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